What’s Keeping You From Learning To Cook?

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Written by Rose Archer | April 23, 2018

I have spent the fall and winter sitting at my computer working on launching this business(not quite as bad as The Shining, haha!!) Alone for very long days, sometimes into the night of brain-busting work. It’s the total opposite of how I thrive in life. I have been looking out my office window at my garden beds for months.

Wondering. Waiting. Longing.

Two days ago Bend finally felt like spring. There was nothing that could stop me from ditching my computer work and spending a few incredible hours in the warm sun with my hands in the black, moist earth.

I am in love with vegetable gardening.

I love holding tiny #seeds in my hand and knowing that it will turn into delicious, organic food. It will be more than my family can eat and I will be able to give bags away.

At this point, the work each spring is pretty minimal compared to the abundance of produce we get to enjoy and share. But it didn’t start out this way. And this is where I get to my point.

Creating the space, the foundation, for my thoroughly enjoyable afternoon took work. Building the raised beds, amending the soil with compost and organic fertilizers for years to build it up with lots of organic matter, figuring out how to cover the beds to keep the deer from helping themselves to my veggie buffet, it all took money, time and extra effort.

But now that its done, planting veggies each spring feels effortless. Nothing would keep me from it.

And this is EXACTLY how learning to cook is. Creating the #foundation takes time, effort and could cost more to invest in some equipment. I think this is what holds people back from really digging in and learning. But what you get on the other side is indeed #lifechanging.

And I don’t say those words lightly. Life Changing.

When you learn the foundation, you’ll spend less time cooking but have more fun doing it. This is why I’m so excited to be bringing this program forth. When you know how to cook, nothing will be able to stop you from feeding yourself real, whole foods.

My heart goes pitter patter when I think about a movement of beautiful people feeling what it feels like to nourish themselves with food that is alive and so good nothing could keep you from eating it!

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With so much love,
Rose 💜

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