How and Why the Series Works

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How and Why the Series Works

This educational bariatric cooking series focuses on actual cooking technique versus just teaching bariatric recipes. Once you know proper knife skills and what all the terminology means you will be able to quickly asses a new recipe and adjust it to your liking. You will be able to prepare the meal faster and know the tricks that chefs use to pull off delicious meals in less time. You will know how to make a meal with what you have rather than always shopping for a certain recipe. This cuts way down on time and cost. You will know what foods to make in large batches and how to store them for quicker than drive-thru dinners! 

 The series is broken into 10 modules. Each module is a different cooking technique or theory that builds the foundation of knowing how to cook. This is like culinary school but shrunk down, simplified and tailored to bariatric patients

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