Knife Skills

The Only Skill That Can Cut Prep Time In Half

There is a reason why this is where all culinary students start. Learning the proper way to cut with a knife will transform your kitchen experience. You will become much faster at meal prep, your recipes will cook faster, more evenly and your food will taste and look better. In this module, I go over everything you need to know from which knife to buy (it’s not expensive!) to how to hold your knife.

There is a specific video called “Beginning Digestion Using a Knife” that will teach you how to cut common problem foods in the post weight loss surgery diet like steak, chicken, lettuce, and kale.

After learning the 4 main knife cuts you can then use our extensive library of knife skills videos to learn how to cut almost every vegetable in the produce section. These videos are quick and show a variety of cutting options for each vegetable.

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