The Core Series

A Bariatric Cooking Series

The Core Series is a bariatric cooking series designed for post weight loss surgery patients to gain the knowledge and skills they need to truly thrive after surgery and for the rest of their lives.

The foundation of The Core Series is learning to cook whole, real foods using classic cooking techniques and food theory using bariatric principles as a guide.

The series is suitable for everyone who wants to learn to cook healthy meals at home, regardless of when their weight loss surgery was or even for those who have never had surgery but want to change the health of their body with food.


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Welcome! In these videos, you get to know Rose, meet the medical team behind True You Food and learn why this could be the most important step you take after weight loss surgery. Are you ready to start loving what your eating AND never diet again?

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Bariatric Guidelines

In this module, we go over everything you need to know to set you up for success post weight loss surgery beginning with the first day home from the hospital.


Knife Skills

There is a reason why this is where all culinary students start. Learning the proper way to cut with a knife will transform your kitchen experience.


Bone Broths + Soups

Learning to make bone broths and soups could be the most important skills you learn to support your healing post-WLS.



In this module, you will learn why a chef never leaves aromatics out of the recipe. They are the flavor bombs we all crave!


Caramelization + Roasting

In this module, you will learn how to draw out the natural sugars that are present in most foods to create a sweet flavor naturally!



Sauces have the ability to transform your plate of food from dry and boring to moist and delicious. Many sauces are loaded with flavorful aromatics and are quick to throw together.


Steaming + Poaching + Blanching

In this module, you will learn all about these moist cooking methods and why they are so great for patients navigating the post weight loss surgery diet.


Braising + Stewing + Crockpot

Learning to braise meat will allow most weight loss surgery patients to enjoy all meats again. Braising slowly cooks the meat so it breaks down the tough fibers that would normally be hard to digest.  


Stir-Fry + Sauté

When time is short this is the cooking method to use. It’s not just about Asian flavors either! We will learn the importance of high heat and the right pan to make lighting quick dinners.  


Salads + Final Flavor Pop

Learning how to finish food so it looks like it belongs on a magazine cover is more than about looks, it tastes better too. And learn to make mouthwatering salads using the rule of opposites!

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