Shaming of your weight getting you down?

Weight Shaming

Written by Rose Archer | October 3, 2018

Shame and blame, These two words are showing up more and more in my world.
I’ve been healing from a lifelong habit of shaming myself. I’ve felt shamed by others but I’m also owning that I’ve turned that abusive behavior on myself. I’ve felt this shame on a visceral level. In my gut.

“I’ve felt this shame on a visceral level. In my gut”.

The healing from the self-shaming is a slow process because it happens on autopilot. I don’t even realize I’m doing it.
It shows up as mean, judgemental, berating, hateful talk about myself in my own head. “You’re talking too much”. “You don’t know what everyone else is talking about”. You are not wanted in this group”. “You’re not educated enough”.
I could go on and on. My 20’s sucked! 😫 

 It took a long time and lots of therapy to realize my self-worth.

Now I try to treat myself as I would another. With softness, empathy, and compassion.
When I do talk a lot (which is often!) I remind myself to slow down and listen more.
The voice I use towards myself is softer and kinder. I remind myself that it’s ok to have a lot to say. And it’s great to hear what others have to share too.
I feel a pang of shame for a second but I move to self-empathy most of the time.
I’m hoping one day that I won’t do this back and forth self-analyzing, that I can be all of me.
Until then, I’m happy the super mean bully voice has at least gotten nicer!
Which brings me to these very moving articles. When I read their titles I knew they were going to be good.
I have often said the guilt you feel for eating the cupcake is worse for your health than the sugar and empty carbs. 😲
Well, these articles talk about the blame and shame that’s put on people suffering from obesity. And how it’s only making it worse.
I’m betting you knew that. 💜 


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