Running on Fumes……

Running on Fumes

Written by Rose Archer | September 9, 2018

Launch update: I’m in the thick of it. I’m going to be real here. We’re so close to launching but I feel so so far away. There’s still so much to be done!

I’ve now been working on this business for over 2 years. I’m running on fumes. We moved homes. We made it through a long summer. We started school again. I’m watching everyone else buzzing around in their busy lives and I think…..they have no idea. I’m trying to launch a national company. The details are endless. The content creation feels endless. My fear of failure is still present. The amazing agencies that I have hired to help me bring this idea into creation are working away. The designers, developers, film editors, the website SEO team. I’m not alone even though I work alone at my desk.

We’ll get there, soon. But today, I’m tired. I’m looking for a jolt of energy to get me over the finish line. Your comments and shares mean so much to me. Thank you for being early adopters, supporters. If you have not entered your email to get an offer to sign up at 30% off pre-launch, do it soon. We are launching in early October ????????

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