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I hate it when I have to go through a zillion pages on a site to find out what the price is. We don’t hide our cost because we believe our product is worth every cent – but even more than that, we know you are worth every cent!

We offer a 10 day FREE trial period! You will have a full 10 days to take The Core Series for a test drive. If at any time during the first 10 days you decide that this is not right for you, simply log in to your account and click  “Cancel Membership” and you will NOT be charged a cent.

The Core Series has over 110 instructional videos, 75 printable worksheets, and 8 infographics to truly teach you how to cook on your terms, at your speed. You also gain access to Rose and her team to ask any cooking question you have ever had. It’s like having a professional chef for a friend!

Single Payment - 30% Off!

Discounted - 30% off

After your free 10 day trial period your credit card will be charged a one-time discounted payment of $299. This gets you full membership to the entire True You Food Core Series for life. Plus all the perks!

6 Monthly Payments

Regular price — $420 total

After your free 10 day trial your credit card will be charged $70 a month for 6 months. You will continue to have access to the entire True You Food Core Series. Because you get full access to all of our content immediately this payment plan cannot be canceled. By choosing this option you understand this commitment. Thank you for being trustworthy!


We know you value your health and we want to make sure you are completely confident in your purchase decision. Let us know what questions we can answer, and we look forward to teaming up in the kitchen! Email us.

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