Obesity Week 2018!!!

Rose Archer

Written by Rose Archer | November 13, 2018

Because we are crazy and overachievers 😜, we decided that even though we are a fairly new company we needed to be at the largest national convention of medical providers in the obesity field. Obesity Week has over 5,000 medical professionals every year. We wanted to meet them and tell them we exist!

So about 6 months before we were even launched we signed up to be an exhibitor. And thank goodness we made it. We’re here and it’s amazing! 💁🏻‍♀️

The feedback so far has been incredible. I’m so excited to share what we have created with bariatric patients all over the US and farther and that starts with their medical team. We’ve been talking almost non stop for 8 hours a day🤪

I wanted to share some images of our booth and some behind the scenes. We’ve been planning this for months because we really wanted to stand out.

We wanted to grab peoples attention. We decided nothing is more beautiful than what Mother Nature creates (including all of us!) so we filled our booth with flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

We wanted it to be the most incredible farmers market stand you have ever seen! 😲 And we wanted to be totally out of place in the middle of a medical conference, on purpose!

Nothing fake, processed, manufactured or chemical-filled here. Just real, whole beautiful foods.

Oh! And thousands of recipe cards! We printed some of our most popular recipes to share. 🍅 🥑

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

💜 Rose

Obesity Week 2018

Obesity Week 2018 Our Booth

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