Has my Food Story been keeping me stuck?

Written by Rose Archer | February 1, 2019

I watched a documentary recently about the power of our beliefs. It’s called Transcendence

Of course, it had incredible stories like the one about a man who completely healed from a car accident after being told by all the doctors he would never walk again simply because he refused to let fear and doubt control his mind.

Instead, he singularly focused on the vision of a completely healed spine and walking again. A part of me said, “It feels too simplistic, too good to be true”. (His name is Joe Dispenza if you’re curious about his story).

I’ve been sitting with these thoughts for a week now. What beliefs do I have about myself, my business, my family that might not be serving me. And are these beliefs keeping me stuck? What would it look like if I tried to change these beliefs?

Coincidentally (or not!) I have decided to try meditation again as a daily practice. I have tried to meditate daily for years. Let me be more specific: I have tried many times and not followed through. ☹️

As a result, I have had a firm belief that I am not disciplined enough to create a regular routine of self-care that would only seem like it benefitted me.

By the way, meditation is NOT the only self-care that I have not followed through with. The list is long 😬 Regular yoga, nutritional supplements, going for walks, journaling, daily affirmations, 16oz of lemon water every morning, going to sleep by 10 pm every night. What else? I’m sure there are loads more!

This has resulted in the belief that my lack of self-love is so deep that I won’t make time for myself on a regular basis. That I will only keep commitments to others, but not to myself.

As the years have gone by the evidence to support this belief has continued to pile on.

So it’s super risky to start anything new. I have been hard-wired to not follow through with regular self-care. So starting something new has the high potential of just making me feel even worse about myself.

Like here is more evidence of your lack of self-love. Which feels super crappy.

Only a crazy person signs up for something they believe will make them feel worse about themselves.

So this past week I have been really feeling into this. What would it take for me to change my belief, giving me the best shot at changing my behavior?  I’m asking myself to trust something bigger than myself here, which is the opposite of how most of us are built. We want the proof first and then we’ll change our minds.

Can I change my mind first then have the results that prove it?

I have mediated for the last 5 days. (Woohoo!) It’s a start but hardly a daily practice.

I am going to try adding an affirmation and a visualization to begin to change my belief.

The affirmation is “I love myself deeply and I joyfully care for myself daily”. I will then visualize myself meditating every day. I will create an image of myself years from now, calmly sitting to meditate.

Eeeeeekkkkkk! I will let you know how it goes.

What are some of your beliefs about food? What has been your food story?

Are your beliefs serving you? What new belief would start to change that?

Here are some possible affirmations to get your wheels turning:

I nourish my body with whole real foods.

I love learning new ways to prepare real food. 

I have the time and money to choose foods that heal my body.

I am worth feeding myself foods that nourish me.

I am excited about discovering new, healthy foods that I love. 

I love my new lifestyle of eating foods that my healthy body really wants. 

I love myself deeply and I joyfully prepare whole, real foods.

What are some affirmations that you think could have the power to change your food story?

Could you start with one small success and see that as new proof that you do have what it takes to create a food love story that actually has a happy ending?

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