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True You Food loves to partner with bariatric centers and hospitals offering weight loss programs. There are multiple levels of partnership and co-branding opportunities.

Patients who become members of the True You Food community get education and connection that supports them through the weight loss surgery process and it teaches them that eating and cooking after WLS can be simple, fun and satisfying.

You teach your patients that they need protein, healthy fats and hydration. I teach them how to do that in a way in a way that is fun, delicious, and interesting while incorporating safe bariatric eating principles.

Your patients would also have lifelong access to me and my chef team to get answers to their cooking questions through private social groups.

Our goal is to support your patients to have more weight loss, have fewer complications, and feel fully informed and supported to embrace eating a whole, real food diet in a way that makes them truly happy to sit down to a meal.

You do a successful operation, your dietitian teaches your patients what nutrients they need, I teach them how to cook. We all have our specialties, mine happens to be cooking!

If you are interested in seeing your patients remain engaged and compliant in the process long after surgery is complete then contact us and we will bring this to your organization.

Thank You,

Rose Archer
Founder + Chef

“Rose is a great instructor. Her love and passion for cooking is contagious. You will learn how to purchase the ingredients, food preparation and a variety of cooking techniques. So let go of any fear and intimidation for cooking you may have and prepare to awaken all your senses and have fun.”

-Melinda K.

bariatric patient + True You Food member

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