Bacon in the Oven

crispy baked bacon on a sheet tray

The amount is up to you!

The very best bacon is baked in the oven, not fried in a pan on the stovetop. First, there is the splattering oil everywhere. Second is the limited amount you can do at a time and third is the uneven heat makes for lots of moving, turning and sliding around just to try to get it to cook evenly. All of that changes when you cook it in the oven! I bake a whole pound at a time and store it in a container in the fridge. It’s quick to warm up during the week or chop up for salads.


  • bacon
  • sheet tray
  • metal cooling rack (optional)


You will need a rimmed baking sheet called a sheet tray. This is what catches all the bacon grease. If you want extra crispy bacon you can put a metal cookie cooling rack in the sheet tray. This allows the bacon to bake without laying in the grease that comes off.

Lay the strips of bacon out in the sheet tray or on top of the rack. They can be very close together and touching but not overlapping.

Bake in your oven till golden brown and crispy. Sometimes for thicker cut bacon, I have to turn the bacon over halfway through baking for the most even browning.

Line a plate with paper towels and move all the bacon to the towels to remove the excess grease. I use another towel to blot the tops of the slices too to ensure I get the most off that I can.

Store any leftover bacon in a container for a week. Use for a quick snack, with breakfast, chopped onto salads or over vegetables for a smoky sweet crunch.

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